Why Choose Bioclear Over Other Cosmetic Dental Services?

What makes Bioclear a great option

Bioclear offers a new way to transform your smile.

Have you ever wanted to transform your smile, but weren’t sure how to go about it because none of the usual options felt right? Modern dentistry has a wealth of options to choose from to improve the appearance, health, and function of your teeth, but we know that choosing one doesn’t always feel so simple. You may feel that the more popular and long-lasting options are too invasive or permanent, while less-invasive options don’t last long enough. 

Thankfully, Bioclear is a game changer, providing a middle ground that manages to be both noninvasive and long-lasting. But, what is Bioclear, and is it right for you? If this is your first time hearing about this game-changing treatment, we’ve put together a guide to help you learn more about it.

What is Bioclear?

Bioclear is a new, cutting-edge dentistry technique that involves placing a thin mold over one or more of your teeth and injecting a composite resin into it. The mold helps create the shape of the resin, which is cured and hardened and then further shaped to provide a beautifully natural restoration. Just like other restorations, this composite resin is easily tinted and buffed to match the color and gloss of your natural teeth—or to transform the shade of your entire smile.

Bioclear can transform the appearance and even protect the health of your smile, making it a great alternative to veneers, dental bonding, and even dental crowns. It can be used to address a wide range of dental issues, including:

  • Covering stained or discolored teeth.
  • Repairing chips, cracks, or minor breaks in teeth.
  • Rebuilding severely worn-down teeth.
  • Closing gaps between teeth.
  • Erasing the “black triangle” gaps between teeth.
  • Changing the size and shape of uneven, irregularly shaped, or too-small teeth.
  • Restoring teeth damaged by decay or failing fillings.

These uses, paired with the option to apply Bioclear to one, several, or all of your teeth—just like veneers—make this a versatile treatment with the potential to meet your unique treatment needs and wants.

How long does the process take?

The Bioclear process is incredibly fast—in just a single appointment, you can leave our office with your completed, beautiful new smile! This makes it ideal if you have a tight schedule, as you don’t have to make time for multiple appointments. Your dentist begins the process by giving your teeth a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar on your teeth before placing the thin mold over the tooth or teeth that are receiving Bioclear.

The mold is slipped under your gum line so that the results are seamless, and there are over 20 unique tooth shapes to choose from. This helps ensure that you’ll be able to choose a design that blends in with your existing smile or matches what you want your completely transformed smile to look like. Next, your dentist will inject the composite resin into the mold and cure it with a specialized light before expertly shaping and polishing it, so it looks completely natural. When your dentist is done shaping your restoration, no one will be able to tell that the surface isn’t a natural tooth!

What’s unique about Bioclear in comparison to other options?

Although Bioclear is made of a composite resin, it’s a different resin than what’s used in dental bonding. Bioclear’s composite resin is stronger, more durable, and more stain-resistant, which makes it significantly longer lasting than dental bonding. These qualities put it a little more in line with veneers.

Unlike veneers, though, Bioclear is minimally invasive. Dental veneers require your dentist to remove a small amount of enamel from the front and sides of your teeth before they can be placed to prevent your teeth from looking too thick. It’s incredibly effective, but it does permanently change these teeth, meaning that you’ll need a restoration like veneers for the rest of your life.

Bioclear doesn’t require removal of tooth enamel and involves just as little tooth preparation as dental bonding. Getting less dental work and preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible is considered the best option for your long-term oral health, and it leaves your options for future treatments open.

Additionally, Bioclear’s ability to surround and encase your tooth means that it can also be an effective and minimally invasive alternative to a dental crown. Once again, it requires less tooth preparation and allows you to maintain more of your natural tooth structure, all while restoring and protecting the health, function, and appearance of your tooth like a crown would.

Another major benefit of Bioclear over porcelain restorations like veneers or dental crowns is that, while the porcelain restorations can’t usually be repaired if they sustain damage like chipping or cracking, Bioclear often can. This means that if this durable material does get chipped or cracked, you don’t have to go through the process or expense of replacing an entire restoration. In most cases, your dentist will repair your Bioclear restoration in a single appointment.

How long does Bioclear last?

Since Bioclear is made from a stronger, more durable composite resin than dental bonding, it lasts longer. As with any restoration solution, your Bioclear dental restoration will last longer if you take great care of it through a thorough oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day, flossing at least once a day, using mouthwash daily, and visiting your dentist for a checkup every six months. With this regular care, Bioclear should last about 10 years or more before it needs to be replaced.

Where can I find a cosmetic dentist who offers Bioclear or veneers?

While you may not have heard of Bioclear before, this innovative treatment truly could be a game changer for you. It serves as a noninvasive middle ground between dental bonding and veneers or crowns, allowing you not only to protect your smile but to fall in love with it again—without any unnecessary dental work or compromising on quality. If you’d like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Bedford, TX, or about Bioclear and whether it’s right for you, feel free to schedule a consultation with Davis Family Dental Care at any time.