Month: October 2023

Stress could be causing TMJ pain.

Stress and TMJ: 5 Tips for Managing Jaw Pain in the Modern World

If you’ve ever experienced TMJ pain, you know how frustrating it can be. Your jaw helps you do many things, like speaking, eating, and swallowing, so it can disrupt your conversation or make you struggle to enjoy your delicious meal. Unfortunately, many TMJ symptoms are related to stress.  It can be challenging to understand which…
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Take steps to prevent periodontal disease.

Preventing Periodontal Disease: 5 Oral Hygiene Tips for Better Gum Care

Make gum care a regular part of your daily oral hygiene routine. According to the CDC, nearly 50% of adults over 30 have periodontal disease, and that percentage jumps to 70% in adults over 65. But did you know that periodontal disease is something you can avoid altogether? Take control of your oral health with…
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