Month: November 2023

Protect your teeth from bruxism.

Bruxism vs. Your Smile: How to Protect Your Teeth from Grinding and Clenching

Picture this—you’re fast asleep, but a battle is raging beneath the surface. It’s called bruxism, affecting more people than you might think. According to the Sleep Research Society, nearly 9% of the population grinds and clenches their teeth during slumber. But it’s not just a nighttime issue. In 2021, the American Dental Association revealed that…
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Whiter teeth and a more confident you.

From the Inside Out: Whiter Teeth and Positive Self-Image

Most people will more than likely admit to wanting whiter teeth, but that has a much more profound significance than any kind of vanity. Physical appearance has a real impact on self-image, which resonates throughout every area of people’s lives. As such, finding the best way to whiten teeth can help you improve your life…
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