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Tooth-friendly Christmas drinks.

Joyful Sips: 5 Refreshing and Tooth-Friendly Christmas Drinks

The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and cherished traditions. Whether you’re gathered around the fireplace, decorating the tree, or sharing stories with loved ones, beverages play a central role in our festive celebrations. But what if we told you that you can enjoy delicious Christmas drinks while caring for your teeth?  We’ve…
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Pack a tooth-friendly school lunch.

How to Pack a Tooth-Friendly School Lunch: Healthy Snack and Meal Ideas for Kids

Tooth-friendly foods can help make a balanced lunch fun. Lunchtime can be a big deal at school. What should you pack for school lunch? Who do you sit with? Do you bring your lunch or buy your lunch at school? Cut down on some of these questions by having your child help create their own…
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Family fun in Bedford, TX

6 Things You’ll Want to Do with Your Family in Bedford, TX, Before Summer Ends

Summertime in Bedford, TX, is truly magical! With long, bright days and a lively community, there are so many opportunities to create fun memories with your family. As we move into summer, you’ll want to explore these 6 family-friendly summer activities in Bedford, TX, before the season ends!  Treat the family to some Texas fun…
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Healthy holiday recipes you're sure to love

Celebrate the Holidays, Texas Style, With These 10 Recipes

With the holidays right around the corner, you might be looking for the perfect new holiday recipes to spice up your usual menu of holiday foods. Making the same dishes every year can get boring, and a new dish can break up the monotony. But, sometimes, it’s daunting to think of new and healthy holiday…
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Activities for summer vacation in Bedford, TX

Our top 10 Picks for a Great Summer Vacation in Bedford, TX

Summer Fun in Texas There’s nothing like summer vacation in Bedford! Summer break is the perfect time to make some memories and explore all the fun family things there are to do in Bedford, TX.  Even on summer vacations, accidents can happen so if you or your children have a dental emergency during summer break…
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